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Malibu Libraries

Ultimate Performance Signal Processing & Data Acquisition Libraries Rapid Application Development

Malibu automatically manages and dispatches all hardware real-time events and works with the hardware to smoothly flow data and messages between the target and the host application. The library is optimized for low-latency, high-speed data flow and computation at every stage throughout the application.

Hardware data flow uses an advanced data buffering system that allows the PC to achieve high rates while sustaining the overall demands of real-time applications. Where appropriate, multiple stages of data buffering are used to mitigate the rate of interrupt requests. Data flows through driver allocated contiguous physical memory to support sustained real-time demands for data movement, while minimizing data latency normally incurred with large data buffers. This approach is superior to the typical scatter/gather system because it eliminates the overhead associated with managing non-contiguous data buffer pools.

Malibu – Rapid Application Development for Signal Processing & Data Acq. Malibu is a powerful, feature-rich software library designed to meet the challenge of developing software capable of high-speed data flow and real-time signal analysis on the PC. Malibu adds high-performance data acquisition and data processing capabilities to Microsoft Visual C++ .NET or Borland (CodeGear) Developers Studio applications with a complete set of functions that solve data movement, analysis, viewing, logging and fully take advantage of the object-oriented nature of C++. The full data sheet may be downloaded from


Malibu supports command and control plus data transfer using Innovative’s new DSP and data acquisition platforms. It incorporates board support packages comprised of a low-level board device driver (Windows or Linux) and portable libraries which allow full hardware configuration and control from within a C++ application or DLL. The ability to call Malibu functions within a static or dynamic library makes it easy to create custom board interfaces to allow utilization of Innovative Integration DSP or data acquisition products from within third-party graphical environments such as LabView or MatLab.

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