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PCI, or PCI Express Carrier

Carrier / Adapter Boards

Adapt PMC/XMC/FMC Modules to
Desktop, Notebook, Compact PCI, PXI
and OpenVPX Systems

X3, X5 or X6-series XMC I/O module

Desktop PCIe plug-in I/O Solution

PMC, XMC & FMC Carrier Cards
Innovative Integration’s convenient carrier cards allow a single PMC, XMC or FMC module to be used in any standard 32 or 64 bit PCI, CompactPCI, desktop PCI-Express or 3U Open VPX slot. Alternately, one module or more XMC modules may be remotely located near the unit under test and connected via a cable up to ten meters in length to a PC to create a 200 MB/s local-area data acquisition network. Ideal for production and test environments!
Adapters for PCI Express XMC modules (VITA42.3) provide special support for Innovative X3 , X5 and X6 module families. Features such as shared clocks and triggers, communications links and access to J16 connector makes the modules easier to integrate into any system.

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