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Development Process

  • Create the application logic IP in MATLAB or VHDL

  • Test and Verify the IP using MATLAB hardware-in-the-loop, Xilinx System Generator, and Innovative Integration support tools

  • Build the IP into the FrameWork Logic and compile the project in Xilinx ISE

FrameWork Logic

Logic Development for real-time

signal processing and control in FPGAs

The FrameWork Logic tools provide comprehensive support for customizing FPGA firmware to add signal processing, controls and data analysis to Innovative Integration hardware products. Whenever your application calls for the highest level of real-time performance, adding DSP or custom controls to the FPGA on the card is a great solution. The FrameWork Logic BSPs support FPGA logic development in MATLAB and RTL for many of Innovative Integration products. FrameWork Logic helps you complete your project sooner by providing pre-written and verified IP cores and logic for hardware interfaces, data buffering and DSP.

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