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PCI/104 Platform

Design Fast - Get to Market Faster!

Utilities & Turnkey Applications

The PC/104 format has stood the test of time and the latest revision of the PC/104 format include upgrade path for 3rd generation of the PCI Express technology to match the latest generation of Host CPUs from leading manufactures.


PC/104 is the only "Stackable" Embedded and Modular Bus format, also referred to as "SWaP" that allows Scalable Systems to be built to smallest possible size and be upgraded with a simple addition of extra PC/104 compatible boards.


Sundance proven track-record and experience in development of Modular Processing Modules, based on either FPGA or DSP technology, match perfect with increase demand for faster I/O Modules for the PC/104 eco-system.


Our range of PC/104 stackable Computing and particular PCIe/104 Express compatible boards with focus on High-Speed Data Acquisition, Image Processing and Communications solutions.

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