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[新品快訊] Quanser 公司針對教育市場推出機械手臂套件

An affordable 4 DOF serial manipulator, multi-seat simulation, and courseware package for hands-on introduction to robotics.

The study and exploration of serial link robots has been a core part of robotics education and research for many years. Initially the study of manipulator robots were driven by applications in manufacturing, but later it became a key subsystem in more complex robotic applications in space robotics, and mobile robotics. As a leader in providing open architecture robotic solutions for teaching and research, Quanser has a new offering for their line of manipulator robots: the Quanser Robotics Package for Education. Designed for undergraduate robotics courses

  • Kinova 4 DOF serial manipulator with two-finger gripper, built exclusively for Quanser

  • Access joint angle, motor current and torque measurements for each joint in real time

  • Compact design ideal for undergraduate lab space and is safe to work with

  • Simulation and 3D visualization allow students to test and explore algorithms virtually before implementing them on hardware

Developed to save you time

  • Extensive courseware and resources saves time when integrating into your curriculum

  • Topics include forward and inverse kinematics, Jacobian and forward velocity kinematics, and more

  • Laboratory exercises are organized in a set of independent modules – this means professors can easily build new courses, or adapt resources for existing courses

Quanser Robotics Package for Education allows students to validate algorithms virtually before implementing on hardware


成立於1990年的加拿大Quanser公司是全球知名的先進控制系統設計、製造商。創始人Jacob博士(Dr. Jacob Apkarian)總結自己在多倫多大學控制理論教學中多年經驗,針對快速控制系統教學科研與工業實際應用相結合,開發了完整的一套實時仿真控制平台。該仿真控制平台廣泛應用於工業控制、高校教育研究、研究院所科學研究等領域,平台為開放式架構,方便用戶快速靈活的設計驗證自己的控制系統。Quanser的實時仿真控制系統在全球的知名高校,研究所,工業企業領域擁有1000多個用戶,產品為廣大用戶所認可。

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