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2016 Digital Instruments Preliminiary

Off-the Shelf Instruments

  • Cost efficitive, ready-to-use instruments

  • Flexible deployment - in the field or on the bench-top

  • GP-DSP software provides consistent user experience

  • Expandable DSP features with the Dev Kit

  • End-to-End solutions to integrate with RF receiver

  • Supports for GNU Radio & RedHawk SDR Platform

Flexible and Variety Choice for Hardware Platforms

By using XMC/FMC modulized design, user can choose different platforms/carriers/DAQ modules to fullfill their requirement.

GNU Radio Support 2016

Build Innovative “source blocks” to bring the DDC output data into GNU Radio Companion, a GUI IDE for developing GNU Radio applications. Become one of the commercial SDR platform on the GNU Radio official website.


  • Almost every customer needs DDC to bring the interested channel to the baseband.

  • Such as communication (LTE, ASK/FSK/PSK demodulation),

  • medical application (PET/CT, ultrasonic imaging),

  • radar (beam forming)

  • The high speed FFT can perform real-time spectrum monitoring on the wide-band ADC data, or the narrow-band DDC data up-to 7,629 frame/sec, which is impossible on the regular PC.

  • The digital transceiver can record the signal in the field, and playback the recorded signal in the lab repeatedly. We usually use this method to debug and optimize the IP core performance against the real world signal.

  • By purchasing the development kit, any custom IP core can be placed after DDC for post-processing. The DDC channel number can be reduced and FFT can be disabled to yield more logic resources for intense projects.

  • Customers can use the bit file and GP-DSP software by paying a small fee, and they can implement further post-process algorithm by purchasing FrameWork Logic development kit.

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