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LeddarTech's Ground-Breaking Industrial Leddar® Sensor

At the heart of the Industrial Leddar® Sensor lies a patented Leddar® Technology, designed to detect, locate and measure all types of objects that are either solid or liquid. The Industrial Leddar® Sensor provides both distance and angular positioning while performing continuous analysis of the area. Specifically designed for the industrial market, this unique sensor is optimized for 0 to 50 meter detection and ranging applications. Based on time-of-flight measurements using pulses from infrared LEDs, combined with 16 independent active segments, the Industrial Leddar® Sensor provides fast, accurate and non-stop detection and ranging. The 45-degree beam, produced by diffused light pulses and processed through innovative algorithms, allows for the detection of a wide range of objects under various environmental conditions. And with its LCD display, configuring and monitoring ongoing operations is a snap.

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