VPX Product

Rugged, Scaleable backplane Solution

Utilities & Turnkey Applications

VPX is an ANSI standard that provides support for switched fabrics over a new high speed connector. It has been designed specifically with high-reliability and defense applications in mind, with an enhanced module standard that enables applications and platforms with superior performance. VPX is available in 6U and 3U form factor and supports existing PMC and XMC mezzanines.

Air Cooled 4U 1/2 Rack OpenVPX Windows/Linux/VxWorks Computer with Four Peripheral/Payload Slots
3U OpenVPX System CPU with COM Express Core Featuring Intel I7 CPU, Integrated SRIO Switch and System Timing.
Rear Terminal I/O Module for VPX-COMEX 3U OpenVPX CPU Card
XMC Adapter for 3U OpenVPX
Rugged Conduction or Air Cooled XMC Adapter with IPMI Support
VPXI Expansion Chassis
Four Slot 3U OpenVPX Expansion Chassis with x8 Cable PCI Express Host Connection
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