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I/O soltions in VITA57 form-factor


FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC), as defined in VITA 57, provides an industry standard means of connecting analog, digital or communications I/O via a mezzanine module to an FPGA. FMC modules must always be used on a carrier, but their low-profile is compatible with popular industry standard form factors, including VPX and desktop PCI Express.

FMC Module w/(8) 16-bit, 500 kSPS A/D Channels · (8) 16-bit D/A Channels with onboard PLL
PCI Express Desktop/Server Coprocessor with Virtex6 FPGA computing core and FMC IO site
FMC Module with 2x 1250 MSPS 14-bit A/D, 2x 1250 MSPS 16-bit DAC with PLL and Timing Controls
FMC Module with 2x 500 MSPS 14-bit A/D, 2x 1230 MSPS 16-bit DACs with PLL and Timing Controls
FMC Module with 4x 310 MSPS 16-bit A/D with PLL and Timing Controls
FMC Module with 2x 250 MSPS 16-bit A/D, 2x 500 MSPS 16-bit or 1x 1GSPS DAC with PLL and Timing Controls
FMC Module with Four SFP+ Ports
FMC Module with Dual 10 Gb Ethernet Ports
Sundace FMC products
COTs modules for FMC form factor
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