Leddar T16
Solid-State LiDAR Traffic Sensor
– Available in Nov. 2018 –

Packaged in a weatherproof housing, the powerful Leddar T16 Traffic Sensor is specifically designed for traffic management systems—from city to highway applications. It offers cost-efficient and highly accurate vehicle detection for various Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications, such as free-flow electronic tolling, traffic monitoring and traffic law enforcement.
LeddarCore ICs
All the power of Leddar in IC format for unbeatable flexibility of integration
LeddarOne Single-Element Sensor Modu
The small-size LeddarOne Sensor Module adds valuable sensing capabilities to a wide variety of applications. The LeddarOne is a full-beam sensor module that is entirely dedicated to a single point measurement, ideal for applications such as level sensing, security and surveillance, drone altimeter and presence detection.
Leddar Vu8
LeddarVu is an advanced platform that combines the benefits of a very compact, modular architecture with superior performance, robustness and cost efficiency towards high resolution LiDAR applications.
M16 Multi-Element Sensor Module
Smart and flexible sensing at its best
The Leddar M16 Sensor Module is an advanced sensing solution that combines 16 independent active elements into a single sensor, resulting in rapid, continuous and accurate detection and ranging―including lateral discrimination―in the entire wide beam, without any moving parts.
IS16 Multi-Element Industrial Sensor
Robust sensor for challenging environments

Specifically designed for the industrial market, the IS16 is a robust, smart sensor that delivers consistent performance and reliability in the harshest conditions.
Leddar Evaluation Kit
Test the multiple advantages of Leddar in your own application
Leddar d-tec
All-weather traffic management sensor
The Leddar d-tec is a traffic sensor offering accurate stop bar and advanced detection. It compiles data thousands of times per second, procuring accurate and consistently reliable detection in all environmental conditions. Providing lateral positioning in the field of view, it ensures that vehicles of all sizes, including bicycles and motorcycles, are accurately detected.
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